Safety Monitoring Solution used in Rail Transit

Rail transit is a rapid and large-capacity public transport in China. Rail transit routes mainly refer to railways, subways, and high-speed rails.
Today, rail transit is already one of our main means of transportation. The safety assessment of rail transit projects during construction and the health monitoring of rail transit projects during operation have become an important means for us to assess the structural safety of rail transit.

The main monitoring instrumentations used in the rail transit monitoring project are:
Rail settlement monitoring: Liquid Level Sensor;
Tunnel settlement observation: electrolevel beam sensor;
Tunnel convergence deformation: Bassett Convergence System;
Structural stress observation: Strain Gauge;
Geotechnical pressure observation: Earth pressure Cell;
Internal horizontal displacement: Vertical In-place inclinometer;
Soil layered settlement: Magnetic probe Extensometer;
Surface crack observation:  Crackmeters(surface mount type);
Pore water pressure observation: Piezometers;
Anchor tension observation: Rebar Strain Gauge;
Slope slip observation: Large-range pull-line Extensometer;
Structural tilt observation: Tiltsensor;
Groundwater level observation: Water level Meter;
Wind speed and wind pressure observation: Anemometer;
Rainfall observation: Rain gauge.
For the detailed plans and equipment for rail transit monitoring, please contact Beijing SOIL Instruments Ltd.