Typical health monitoring case in China
Yunjing Expressway Xizhouling Super Long Tunnel Wujialing Tunnel
Beijing subway line 13  Health Monitoring Construction monitoring of subway in Datun Road Tunnel
Beijing subway Line 5 Health Monitoring Settlement observation of Beijing subway Line 1
Beijing subway Line 1 Health Monitoring Foundation Pit Monitoring of Xi'erqi Station of Changping Line of Beijing subway
Nanjing subway Line 1 Xinjiekou Station Haihe Tunnel Health Monitoring
Guangzhou subway Tiyuxi Road Safety Monitoring Shenzhen subway construction period monitoring
Beijing subway Line 10 Health Monitoring Tianjin Railway Station Structural Health Monitoring
Monitoring of construction period of Shanghai subway Line 2 Shanghai subway Tunnel Construction Period Monitoring
Shanghai subway Line 2 People's Square Station Safety monitoring of cucurbitacin mine roadway
Mine pressure monitoring of Luzhong mining industry Gucheng Coal Mine Safety Monitoring
Yangshan Tunnel Structure Safety Monitoring and Evaluation High-speed railway operation safety monitoring in Hugang high-speed railway