Bridge safety Monitoring

Since the bridge will be affected by factors such as climate, oxidation, corrosion or aging during operation, and will be damaged under the action of dead load and live load for a long time, its strength and rigidity will decrease with time,which not only affects safely driven, but also shortens the service life of the bridge.

A health monitoring system based on monitoring, state analysis assessment and bridge maintenance management is necessary. The system will be able to integrate computer communication and network, modern sensor detection and monitoring technology to monitor and evaluate the operational status of the bridge and provide a scientific basis for maintenance management.

The established bridge health monitoring system is different from the traditional detection technology. It not only requires fast and large-capacity information collection and communication capabilities in testing, but also strives to real-time monitoring of the overall behavior of the structure and intelligent assessment of the structural state. It monitors the following aspects:

The physical and mechanical state of the bridge structure operation under normal environmental and traffic conditions;
The working state of important non-structural members (dampers) and ancillary facilities (such as vibration control elements) of the bridge;
Structural member durability;
The environmental conditions of the bridge, etc.
The monitoring and evaluation of the obtained bridge structure status can provide the basis and guidance for the maintenance and management decision of the bridge. It can trigger the warning signal when the bridge is under special weather, traffic conditions or when the bridge operation is seriously abnormal.

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